Management Team

As experienced leaders in business and application development, our executives know that if we take good care of our teams and our clients, the rest will take care of itself.

Levon Systems is a Domestic IT consultancy dedicated to using the Microsoft platform to help enterprises achieve profitable growth. Through proven solutions that extend Microsoft products, Levon Systems helps enterprises increase revenue, reduce costs, and reinvest in innovation to gain competitive advantage

We partner with our customers to create new products and services, serve their customers better, streamline operations, and optimize collaboration across all groups and boundaries. Our consultants deliver value according to each customer's requirements, timeline and budget by combining insight, innovation and the talent of our Domestically workforce, which includes an extensive offshore community of Microsoft technology experts.

Mission & Value Proposition

Our Value Proposition

Levon Systems is a domestic consulting and technology services company offering industry-specific solutions, strategic outsourcing, and integration services through a unique onsite, offsite, offshore delivery model that helps our clients achieve rapid deployment, world-class quality and reduced costs.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring value to our employees, our stakeholders, and to the Domestic business community by delivering advanced technology solutions that enable our clients and trading partners to operate, interoperate and compete more effectively.


Quality Policy

Levon Systems will earn customer loyalty by providing products, services, and interaction experiences of the highest quality and greatest value. To achieve this result, we will:

  • Ensure that all of our products comply with relevant safety and regulatory requirements.
  • Ensure our products meet and/or exceed their published specifications.
  • Maintain and continually improve our product and service business management systems to conform at a minimum to ISO9001 Quality Management Standard or more stringent or legally required standards as dictated by specific markets.
  • Continually monitor the quality of our customer interactions, with the intent to
    improve our customer's total experience.
  • Establish quality requirements for suppliers, partners, and contractors and hold them
    accountable to comply.
  • Treat customers in accordance with Levon Systems Standards of Business Conduct and Privacy


Welcome to Levonsystems

Levon Systems is a total solutions company specialized in providing IT services and Business Process Outsourcing solutions. Our Information Technology initiatives range from application development to networking efforts and e-Business operations, playing a role in virtually all aspects of business. Levon Systems recognizes the need for companies to have state-of-the-art technologies at competitive prices. Levon Systems unique smart-sourcing strategy provides the backbone, the IT services while you focus on running your business.

Levon Systems offers a wide range of IT services such as Application Development, Application maintenance, Re-engineering services and IT Staffing. With Levon Systems offices in the United States our professionals are able to master the clock to deliver rapid solutions cost effectively.

March 12, 2008
Levon Systems Awards Outstanding Achievements at Its Annual Customer Forum in Fort Worth, Texas


March 12, 2008

Levon Systems Awards Outstanding Achievements at Its Annual Customer Forum in Fort Worth, Texas